Why Should Do Social Media Marketing?

Scrolling on social media & wasting time days has gone. If you are a business owner & really looking for to generate a business, then social media has the way to make your business in next level. In social media both side of people you will get, one side people chitchat & will see status. Other side people will create business & generate revenue.

Social Media & Marketing is one of the most powerful way for business of all sizes to reach prospects and customers. In 21st century if your brand has no presence in social media then you couldn’t grow business.  

In global almost 4.2 billion peoples are active on social media network. Almost 40% world population. In India almost 51 crore people using social media – if you are not utilizing this platform that means you are loosing the opportunity.

However there are many Brands struggling to creating engaging content and reaching targeted audience. A social media play a huge role at the top of the funnel. Lets dive in Social Media Marketing.


What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is use of social media to connect with audience, build brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. This includes publishing great content on social media profiles, listening and engaging followers, analyzing your results and running ads on social media. 

The major social media platform are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, Clubhouse.

Benefit Of Social Media Marketing

A social media play a huge role for a business. Its create a vast opportunities to promotes products or service. Just as popular social media sites allow user to connect with friends and family in faraway places. There also a powerful way for marketer to create conversation with potential customers. 

Users are now interacting with brand that means marketers have incredible opportunities to create ways drive demand and expand the reach what they are selling. Remember the word “money flow where there is more interaction”.  

Through Social Media your Brand Can 

Engage With Audience:

Engagement is one of the greatest way to build trust and establishing a brand.

Build Brand Loyalty:

An engagement can lead to loyalty with Brand. An user can get to know more about brand through news updates, informational and entertaining videos.


Through social media your brand can collaborate with other channels and there is a high chances to get more engagement of your audience.

Generate Leads:

Promoting & sharing your product on social media is the simplest way to generate leads, boost conversion & increase sales.

Learn From Competitors:

Social Media is the great way to learn from your coopetitors. How well there campaign is running, their followers and interaction level.

Social Media will allow you to get a look what is and isn’t working for competitors. There after you could decide what should and shouldn’t change in terms of company approach.

It is very-very important to create a strategy before jumping into a engaging prospects on social media. This involves taking time to understand about your audience. Create your audience persona.

Figure out what type of content work out most weather it video, audio, image or text. Established tone, style and even repetition of the content.

Determine what topic resonate with your audience. You might know majority of your audience like your video but you may don’t know what type of video they like most.

Understand how often they engage with your content. 

What format of content they love most, long format or short format.

Demographic information will hep you to determine what type of content that will lead the best results.

Once you build your audience persona, now its your time figuring out what ultimately you want from them.

What is your goal for them in the campaign?

What is the conversion for your campaign? Is it brand awareness, purchase, lead generation or to make them advocate of your brand.

How do you want to continue engagement with your followers during the campaign or what’s so over.


Two ways you can do Social Media Marketing

Organic Social:

It is the way when user interact with your free content on social media as like video, audio, text or image. Further they directly move to your website and purchase products. This may be perfect for independent business but it will take time.

Paid Social:

It involve sponsored and ads, which will directly put your content in front of users who will most likely to show interest. 

Depending on the platform you can target your user based on location, interest, behavior and habit. So this is how you can build your social media marketing strategy & easily can ahead of your competitors.

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