Why Business Need Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the oldest form of Digital Marketing but it is one of the most effective digital marketing strategy. There are lots of new methods of communicating with audience and customer like social media & live chat. User base over 5 billions people, till today email marketing is the king.

In fact the ROI of email marketing is $36 on spending each dollar. That means without email marketing your digital strategy might get fail. 

Email Marketing is considered as one of the Top most marketing channel as compare to social media, SEO & affiliate marketing.


Is Really Email Marketing Required?

Despite the rise of Social Media, People use email more than other platform. If we see the data user of email is increasing day by day.

1.Email is one of the static ID, which never gonna be changed. If you go to nation or anywhere, your phone number might get changed but Email ID will remain same.

2.In Email you don’t need to rely on algorithm. In google, Facebook or any social media algorithm might get changed.

3.Eamil is one of the medium through which you can easily educate your user.

4.Eamil is one of the specific medium which always keep you as human connection. Through email you can directly speak with your user, use their name. Let them see human side of your brand.

5.Eamil is the one of perfect way to stay connected with your user for long term. 


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In addition according to HubSpot four out of five marketer say they’d rather give up social media than email marketing.

That’s why creating a successful email marketing is more important for your business.


Why Your Business Need Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is strategy where business send promotional message to people in mass quantity. Basically it is use to generate sales, nurturing leads & educating customers.

Right now if you open your email box, there are high chances that almost half of the message are email marketing. Once you open the mail, they can track it – if you have opened or not. That’s how a brand start interacting with their user.

Not going into so deep Lets see why your business need email marketing.

1.Eamil Is Permission Based

When a customer trust you with their email address. Thats means he has given key to his House. Rather than spamming, Permission based email has more chances to get engaged and convert.

2.Direct Message To Audience

Most of the people open email multiple times a day, your message is more likely to be seen. Through email marketing you can send direct message, scheduled and can connect with them easily.

3.Email Marketing Can Be Controllable

With the Email Marketing you own connection. You don’t have to worry about the algorithm. In Facebook, google or other platform if the algorithm change – there might be high chance that your audience may drastically get decrease. However with Email Marketing you own the relationship with your subscribers.

4.More Personalize Message

As per psychographic & demographic of audience, you can create a hyper targeted campaign. Research shows that a personalized message more power to get convert rather than a normal message.

5.Easy To Measure

Measuring the effectiveness of marketing is important. An automated email marketing can breeze your marketing. Each and every single entity can be measure & track.

 6.Easily Scalable

Email Marketing is easily scalable as your contact or subscriber get increase.


How To Start Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the top most performing marketing strategies. It can support on marketing initiative like lead generation, sales, nurturing, and content marketing.

To start a effective email marketing you must required a three essentials elements.

1.An Email List

Without an Email List it is next to impossible to start a email marketing. An List is database of subscriber that have agreed on you to send them emails. 

To create a successful email marketing you must have active & engaged email list.

There are many ways to create your email list. One of the easiest way to create your email list is offer Lead magnet. As per the interest base of your audience, you can offer them free something in exchange of their email address. Your lead magnet can be E-book, Coupon, Templates etc. 

2.An Email Service Provider (ESP)

An Email Service Provider is also known as email marketing platform. Its a software that help you to manage your email list. Also help you to design and execute your automated email campaign.

As per the basis of user interaction an ESP can trigger specific action. Such as sending a cart reminder.

Suppose a user added items on cart & doesn’t checked out. So ESP will trigger a message personally “hey you have 50% discount on your cart items” check it out.

Someone visit  my website & came back. One popup will show “Hey Without This You Won’t Succeed on Online Business”. This type of trigger can be shown by ESP.

By utilizing Email Service Provider in a perfect way can be a game changer for your business. The trigger will enable you a personalize interactions, which can open rates & engagement. 

3.Define You Goals

An Email Marketing Can Help you to achieve the variety of goals.

  • Drive sales
  • Boost Awareness & engagement
  • Get nurturing leads
  • Keep customer engaged
  • Increase customer loyalty 
  • Creating lifetime value of customers

To create an effective Email Marketing you Email List, ESP & Goal must be align. Then only you can successfully work on it.

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