Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a technique that involve usage of Digital Medium such as internet or wireless for creating awareness, consideration, Purchase & Loyalty for Brands. Every business wishes to reach more & more people to showcase their product or service & to make the first impression. Imagine the traditional marketing making billboard, pamphlets, doors to door selling, print media, TV, Radio etc. Just to do the Tv ads required crore & crore marketing budget. So a small business couldn’t bared it. Above that it will not show any specific category, it will show to everyone who will be You clients as well as who will be not your clients.  Digital Marketing is the act of selling products & service through channels such as search engine, websites, social media, email, mobile apps, text messaging, web based advertising. In simple, if marketing campaign is using any of the online media channels, that is digital marketing.  Why Digital Marketing Is Important? You might not know but In 2017 it was just 27% of internet user in total population. But in today almost  60% of indian use internet i.e almost 840 million according to the report of cisco 2022. And majority of the people they are relying social media or search engine.  At the time of buying something we research on google. Going to unknown place use google map, ordering food use app, Switch on the AC use Alexa. Our whole lifestyle and everything is depend on one single items i.e your smart phone. Our future will be into it. That is the reason google & facebook generate more revenue than any traditional media company. No matter how small or big your business Is? Digital matter. It has the potential to take your business in next level. Your business should be where there is more attention. Someone watching YouTube, your ads should be there. Some scrolling insta your business ads should be there. Some one searching your business name, it should be on the web. Some one researching about your product, it should be on google etc.  Digital Marketing means whole totally your brand will be on Internet & it will generate revenue continuously.  Difference Between Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing  Traditional Marketing:  Traditional Marketing based on TV, Print add & newspaper. On Traditional marketing, it Target only on specific people. It is costlier. You pay to reach out people might not be your prospect at all. Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is presence on website, email, article, social media Digital Marketing is based on specific target, location, age & interest. It is cost effective You only pay when audience actually views or interacts.  Why You Should Do Digital Marketing For Your Business? Lets take an Example Mr.Shyam has open a new flower shop in corner of the street. Right now he is looking for the customer (Traffic). By doing digital marketing within a night he can bring customer in his shop & can easily sell the products. That’s the beauty of Digital Marketing.  Through digital marketing you can connect with local market as well as global market. No matter how small your business is, which industry specific your business Is, How new your business is- it has the power to overlook digital channel as a way to generate leads and covert interest into a customers. Key Benefits Of Digital Marketing  The ability to interact with your customer & learn what exactly they are looking for. The ability to reach anyone & anywhere without any geographical boundaries. Targeted the right audience at right time. Communicate with your prospect at every stage of the buying process. Save money and reach more customers for less Get to know your audience, drive engagement and create brand loyalty. Track & monitor your marketing efforts easily and instantly. That the reason whole sum in 21st century, if your business is not in digital nobody will believe on you. To know In-depth about Digital Marketing & Business Click on Free Discussion Call

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