Importance Of Funnels In Online Business

Without Funnel you can’t be profitable in online business. It is pipeline of online business. One great funnel can change your entire business. 


Just imagine you are setting on Bangalore running Facebook Ads in entire India for your products which worth is 25k, someone setting in Noida scrolling his Facebook has seen your Ads. What do you think, will he buy your products? No.

Just think about yourself, you are walking on the street and some random person is approaching you telling you hey buy this Rs.5k products, this is great – will you buy it? Answer is maximum probability NO!

So this is the same thing happen in Online Business. We must take to the person into a few step and after we have to convert him into a sell.


What is Funnels?

It is the process on an individual how a person interact with & end the sale. When some one enter into the website must be go to a certain funnels. A sales funnel is marketing term to start the journey of potential customers go through on the way to purchase. There are several stage of funnel & business have to follow it. Aware to educate & selling the products making them a raving fan of your business.

Every Business owner knows the pain point of just missing the sales. After a week of pitches, showing demos, prospect drop out the sales funnel without buying it. But it won’t be happen, when you will be having right and effective sales funnel.


Why Sales Funnel Is Important?

A Sales Funnel is important because it help you to understand, what your potential customers are thinking and doing at each stage of purchasing journey. That insight help you to invest on right kind of marketing activities and create a most relevant message on during each stage. And turn prospect into buyers.

Basically in general there are 3 steps of Funnels usually say top, middle & bottom of the funnel. Although these step may vary depending on company’s sales model. 

If proper funnel in place can give you a complete returns and profit again & again.

What Are The Stages Of Sales Funnels?

Start-> Aware-> Engage-> Subscriber-> Convert-> Excite-> Ascend-> Advocate-> Promote-> Complete

Start :

You sales funnel might get start with organic or paid ads. It’s totally upto you, how you start.

Awareness Stage:

First ever interaction that we will have with our prospects – is all about giving the very first impression about your products. 

One of the harsh mistake many sales people do, Is that in the first meeting only they started selling the products. It is as like you have seen a girl first time & telling her i want to marry you.

But in general, in the first meeting you can’t tell her to do about marrying. Step by step we have to follow.

First you have to build Repo. Slowly-slowly start talking and build a good impression. After that you have take her to Dates. After going in multiple Dates, both can say now we can marry each other.

In your awareness stage, you need to create aware about your products/service. 

Engage Stage:

Prospect read your blog, engage on social media & watch your video or may be likening or commenting. Audience started getting lots value in content and engaging more.


Take all this people to the signup form who is getting more engage with your content. One of the best to persuade prospect in sign up form, is your lead magnet. 

Now you got the opt-in and you have email list of interested prospect. Connect with them autoresponder and email sequence. Give value & value, educate them and build the trust.

Convert :

It is stage where you actually build real business relationship between you & your prospects. You are selling a small value products in exchange of huge value. 

Excitement Stage :

Give them a huge value exchange of very low amount. 

Ascend :

It is stage where you have to show offer/products which is good value in terms of money. Make sure that you give huge value & offer upsells. 

In every transaction McDonald’s is loosing money but because of adding cook they are gaining profit.

Burger + Cook = $79

Cook + French fry= $99


Your customer will be so HAPPY with what you offered them. They are giving you testimonials, feedback & spreading word of mouth. They started buying you again & again.

Promotion :

With this stage your customer will be Raving Fan about your products in their circle. You will be getting sales on autopilot.

It is stage where your customer will be sales representatives & praising you at every place.

So a Funnel is very important in online business. It has the power to skyrocket your Business.

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